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Measures taken by Rottaprint against COVID-19 07/04/2020

The period we are facing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most difficult, but we are confident that through effective collaboration and applying the best practices, we can overcome it without being affected.

Considering our activity, it is very important to ensure the production of labels and flexible packaging for all products, but especially for those of strict necessity for which significant demands are registered, thus avoiding any imbalance that could be created in the market.

We closely follow the evolution of the events at a national and a international level in order to implement the best safety and precautionary measures for our employees, as well as for our clients, partners and suppliers of raw materials.

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Our employees

The team is the core of our company. That is why the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. Since the end of February, we have taken a series of additional measures and started an internal information campaign about the benefits of complying with the hygiene rules in order to avoid in advance any possible risk:

• we have limited the access of foreign persons to all Rottaprint premises;

• we have suspended all delegations of our team members;

• we have well-established procedures for potential emergencies;

• we have strict policies for loading and unloading raw materials and products, in order to limit the interaction with freight drivers and waste drivers;

• we have encouraged the work from home, where possible, for a large part of the Rottaprint team;

• all our employees have received disinfectants (including those who work from home), gloves and face masks;

• we have implemented procedures for the disinfection of work spaces between shifts;

• we have formed emergency teams, who are going to the office every two weeks, so that we can ensure the activity if some of the colleagues will not be able to work;

• TESA staff does not have direct contact with the production staff.

We apply with great responsibility all internal security measures and even if they require more time, thanks to our internal organization Kaizen system, the company’s operations are functioning within the normal parameters while both Rottaprint team members and their families are protected.

Our clients and partners

Continuous and open communication with our clients and partners about the evolution of the situation caused by coronavirus is essential, so that the entire chain we are all part of can function as efficiently as possible. During this period, we carefully monitor the urgent requests in the market and we deliver with priority labels for products of strict necessity. We keep in touch with all our partners and we do our best to deliver all the other orders in a timely manner.

In order to avoid any circumstances independent of us and our efforts, we suggested to all customers to place orders in advance, to make sure that we can fulfill all requests in a timely manner.

Our operations

Currently, despite the situation, we are operating within normal parameters in all of our company’s premises, and our equipment and machineries are functioning at maximum capacity. We also work in several shifts to be able to honor all orders on time and at the same time be able to comply with all hygiene rules. We are in constant contact with our suppliers of raw materials. Even though the volume of orders has increased significantly, the working process has changed (many employees are working from home) and restrictions on freight have emerged, our partners have always found efficient solutions to deliver the materials so that we can avoid any delays and major disruption from the regular activity.

Our commitment

In this period, the ongoing production flow is fundamental. We are very proud of all our employees who are in the forefront these days and ensure production. We will do everything in our power to support them and protect them from any possible risk.

Only together we are stronger and more stable in this uncertain situation. With a well-trained and competent team whose values are: Excellence, Integrity, Creativity, Passion and Team Spirit, we assure you that we will overcome every challenge and come up with effective solutions so that no client or partner of ours is affected.


Take care of yourselves!