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In pack promo coupons
In-pack promo coupons are those types of promotional labels or cards that are commonly found inside flexible packaging (such as bags of crisps, snacks or popcorn) and are intended to encourage impulse or repeat purchases. More info

Promo coupons

Features and uses

Using promo coupons, brands have the opportunity to create a promotional sales campaign.

There are several ways in which this can be done: by offering instant prizes, by collecting stickers or points or by creating exciting games for the children.

Promotional coupons are usually small in size and individually wrapped in polypropylene film. The promotional inserts are food contact certified.

They can also be serialized with unique alphanumeric codes, barcodes or QR codes, all of which we generate ourselves.

Promo coupons | Rottaprint

Promo coupons benefits

The big advantage of a promotional campaign involving promo cards is that it leads to spontaneous or repeat purchase of a product. In addition, these promotional inserts bring several other benefits to brands:

• encourages the testing of new products;

• differentiates your products from the competition;

• helps you cross-promote other brands or assortments in your portfolio;

• creates the perception of increased value of your product;

• are delivered directly to your customers, without having to take part in a competition or claim them at the cash register;

• allow you to run a temporary campaign without having to change the size or design of the current packaging;

• influences shoppers when they have to make a purchase decision, with promo coupons weighing in favor of your products.


Consumers’ health is our priority

Our purchase, production and delivery flow is built in accordance with the FSSC 22000 standard, comprising the complete scheme of the Food Safety management system, fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Our main care is that in pack promo coupons comply with all safety regulations and in no way endanger the health of your consumers.

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