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Custom label printing: 6 reasons to go digital 23/11/2022

Custom label printing | RottaprintNot sure which technology is right for your custom labels printing? Well, you probably shouldn’t. That’s why we’re here. In this article you will find relevant information about the advantages of digital printing and when it is suitable for your products’ labels.

6 reasons to choose digital printing

1. You want your labels in a short time

Digital printing will save you when you’re under time pressure. That’s because we print them for you in no time. Digital printing makes printing time shorter compared to other printing technologies such as flexography or screen printing. Why? Because digital printing doesn’t require additional file processing or time spent making printing plates. So the delivery time is much shorter.

2. You can test several product variants

What better response can there be than direct feedback from your consumers? With digital printing, you can test a variety of labels directly in the marketplace. This way you make an informed decision. You choose the label your customers prefer and then print it in the final print run.

There is no minimum print run for digital printing. When you have chosen your final label you can opt for flexo technology or even stick with digital printing.

Custom label printing | Rottaprint

3. You only need a small print run

Digital printing is a good idea if too much label stock is a problem for you, or if the minimum run required for flexography is too large for your business needs. Thanks to the short print runs you can order and the precision of digital printing, you can easily eliminate the problem of excess label stock.

4. Information on your custom labels must be changed often

Customized packaging will account for 15% of total retail sales by the end of 2022 (+50% compared to 2021). (1)

There may be a number of situations where you need custom label printing:

  • limited or anniversary editions
  • promotions and special offers
  • items with seasonal packages (Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day)
  • variable data (alphanumeric series, barcode series)

Whatever the reason for frequent label changes, digital printing is suitable for custom label printing. It’s fast. The quality is high. Print runs can be small. No costly printing plates.

Custom label printing | Rottaprint

5. You care about the sustainability of your products

These days, consumers are deciding against buying certain products for environmental reasons. Brands’ commitment to sustainable practices is essential for the environment, as well as for their image and reputation.

Why is digital printing more eco-friendly?

  • Less adjustment + less material consumption = reduced technological waste;
  • It is quite impossible to talk about sustainability without talking about materials. Digital printing offers the advantage of higher quality custom label printing on recycled content materials;
  • Wash off labels that can be easily removed as part of the packaging cleaning and recycling process.

6. You want high quality custom label printing at a low cost

When we talk about digital custom label printing we think of a number of cost saving advantages:

  • Digital printing uses only CMYK or CMYK + special colours, not Pantone inks, so the price is cheaper;
  • Once we receive the print-ready file from you, our team in the DTP department does not intervene on it. This results in shorter delivery times and lower prices;
  • The cost of the printing plates – specific to flexographic technology – is eliminated.

In a competitive market, the look and feel of a product in the hands and eyes of the buyer can determine whether or not a sale is made. And digital printing can make it stand out. Ready to print your labels? No matter what your company needs, we’ve got you covered!

Request a quote for printing your labels and we will find the right solution for you.


1 – Source: 2022 Design’N’Buy – Custom Packaging Report 2021