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Rottaprint is the first and largest flexographic typography producing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging in Romania. We started as a small family business, and we are now one of the top companies in the industry, delivering quality products and creative solutions to our customers. More info

Our story

About us | Rottaprint

The story of Rottaprint began in July 1991, when the three founders: Arnella Nechita-Rotta, Cristi Nechita-Rotta and Melania Rotta set up a family business, with a first machine installed in an area of only 20 sqm of their home. We started off with the plan of becoming the best on the market and we are defined by professionalism and perseverance. We made innovation a priority and constantly invested in the latest technologies, building sustainable partnerships based on trust and devotion. Today, Rottaprint is one of the leading companies in the printing industry of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging in the country. The headquarters and the production center are in Apahida, Cluj County, Romania.

Rottaprint evolution over time:

Evolution of Rottaprint flexographic printing

Our vision

Together we build a sustainable and secure future through continuous development and innovation.

Our mission

To be a successful model of the Romanian business on the global market through quality, competitiveness and respect for our own values.

Our daily milestones

Our daily milestones | Rottaprint

Constantly investing in people and technology

We strongly believe that technology serves people and not the other way around. Therefore, we are constantly investing in new technologies that allow Rottaprint professionals to identify the most creative solutions for the needs of our clients.

With the development of our work, the technologies and machines we use have evolved from equipments that printed in three colors, to a complex park consisting of printing and finishing machines, continuously updated and aligned to the latest technological standards. Due to the production capacities, the investments we made in people and the state-of-the-art technology, Rottaprint products are today distributed across three continents: Europe, Asia and the US.

About us | Rottaprint

Complex portfolio of products

Every need has a solution. We like challenges, because they stimulate our progress. Investments in new technologies are reflected both in the quality of the products we deliver and in the development of the product portfolio. We always put quality first and leave nothing to chance. We are more than a supplier; we are a reliable partner for your business.

Our own Kaizen Management System

The constant improvement and development brought us stability on the market and helped us become the company we are today. In 2013, we started implementing our own Kaizen Management system, which gave us the ideal structure and processes to reach the next level of development. As a result, in 2015, we were honored to win the second place at the Kaizen Romania Awards. The distinction is awarded to companies that are distinguished by the permanent development of people, with processes and systems outstandingly integrated into operations.

Kaizen | Rottaprint

International certified performance

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