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The policy of the use of cookies

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file consisting of letters and numbers, which is placed in the browser or in the memory of your hard disk by a web page server. This means that your preferences can be saved when you use our website.

In the event that you have not changed your browser defaults to refuse them, our system will place them as soon as you visit our website.

There are two types of cookies.

2. Types of cookies:

2.1. Technical or functional cookies

These remind you, for example, of the selected language or certain fields that you have completed in a form. This means that you do not need to complete them, and when you visit our website a second time.

2.2. Tracking cookies

These involve first or third parties and serve to collect information about web browsers. The intentions behind them are to solve any technical problems and to provide general information about the visitors.

Note: The information collected is general. Your browser behavior is not analyzed on a personal level.

3. Scope of the use of these cookies:

The main purpose of using these cookies is to help you have an improved browsing experience, as well as for advertising purposes, in order to be able to provide you with content that is tailored to your interests and preferences. As a result, on condition that you have consented to the use of cookies, we will use them to provide you with a customized and relevant browsing experience on our website and to understand how you interact with our content.

Cookie name Category Provider Type Expiry
JSESSIONID Necessary HTTP Session
lang Preferences HTTP Session
lang Preferences HTTP Session
_ga Statistics HTTP 2 years
_gat Statistics HTTP 1 day
_gid Statistics HTTP 1 day
collect Statistics  Pixel Session
_fbp Marketing HTTP 3 months
bcookie Marketing HTTP 2 years
bscookie Marketing HTTP 2 years
fr Marketing HTTP 3  months
lidc Marketing HTTP 1 day
tr Marketing Pixel Session
UserMatchHistory Marketing HTTP 29 days