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Features and uses Tags can be used in multiple industries such as food, agriculture, automotive, construction, transportation or entertainment. At … Continued

Functional labels

Functional labels are self-adhesive labels that allow repeatedly opening and closing. To ensure that the products are kept in optimum … Continued

Relief varnish

The relief varnish allows highlighting certain areas on the label surface, rendering a matte or glossy effect. This technique is … Continued


The embossing procedure reffers to the label’s embellishment by highlighting the design of specific details, creating a special bas-relief effect … Continued


For a glossy and textured look of the label we recommend glitter, a powder composed of small particles of material, … Continued

Hot foil stamping

The hot foil is a very popular, durable and high-quality material. This technique provides labels with fine details, rendered on … Continued

Easy peel labels

The easy peel labels will highlight your product on the store shelves, providing greater exposure surface for promotions compared to … Continued

Variable data

Variable data is a technique used for customizing each label with a distinct code. Thus, the product will have a … Continued

Removable labels

The removable labels are the self-adhesive labels that can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive marks. They are most … Continued