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Aluminum foil lids
The aluminum foil lids used in the food industry play a double role: they help sealing the products and are an important promotion channel. We are the first Romanian company manufacturing aluminum foil lids. More info

Aluminum foil lids

Features and uses

We produce aluminum foil lids of different thicknesses: 30, 35 or 38 microns, used in the food industry for sealing plastic cups or casseroles (PP, PS, PET), protecting their contents.

In addition, aluminum lids are an important promotion channel, successfully completing the product design.

Types of lids

Depending on the equipment used for applying the lid on the container and the requested effect, we do several types of embossing:

Aluminum foil lids | Rottaprint

Aluminum foil lids | Rottaprint


  • Bidirectional needle embossing a clearer pattern effect is achieved compared to vermicular embossing.
  • Unidirectional needle embossing– provides an elegant look with vivid and bright colors.
  • Vermicular or classic embossThe material is more diffuse, and more rigid and creates a matte print sensation.
  • Rim emboss – provides a premium and clean design. The embossing is done only on the edge of the lid, in the heat seam area. In addition, we are the first and only Romanian manufacturer that has included this technique in their portfolio.

Logo emboss for aluminum foil lids

They allow the use of the logo emboss technique by which you can highlight a certain area. The greater the thickness of the support, the more spectacular the effect obtained. Also, for a design that will surely attract the attention of consumers, the logo emboss and rim emboss techniques can be applied simultaneously.

We also provide you with a great variety of aluminum lids shapes, rectangular or round, from which you can choose the right one for your product.

Consumers’ health is our priority

Our purchase, production and delivery flow is built in accordance with the FSSC 22000 standard, comprising the complete scheme of the Food Safety management system, fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Our main care is the health of the consumers.

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