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Holographic labels
Holographic labels create the illusion of depth and movement, capturing the consumer's attention. By using them, you will differentiate your products and provide them with a high level of authenticity. More info

Holographic labels


Holographic labels are self-adhesive lenticular labels that, when moved horizontally or vertically, display a pre-established effect created during the design process. They are created by combining a group of images or vectors to provide a dimensional and three-dimensional effect to the design elements. Of course, 3D lenticular labels can be customized in various sizes and shapes, giving you the flexibility to choose the appropriate appearance for your product.


Whether you want the entire label to have 3D effects or just certain elements, we are here to find the right solution for you.

Holographic labels | Rottaprint

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These holographic labels are suitable to attract customers’ interest at the shelf and to create unique promotional campaigns for both adults and children. They can be used successfully in a variety of industries, including wine, soft drinks and spirits.

They can also be integrated into an innovative design and add a distinctive touch to personal care cosmetics. Lenticular labels offer a high level of security and protection against counterfeiting as they are difficult to copy or forge.

Therefore, they are perfect for proving the authenticity of a product. They are most commonly used for perfumes, lotions, and even makeup products for this purpose.

Why choose 3D holographic labels?

Consumer research studies have shown that simply touching an object increases the sense of ownership that a person has over that object and makes them willing to pay more for it.

In simple terms, the label comes to life thanks to the 3D effects. The movements in the label’s design capture the consumer’s curiosity and encourage them to interact with the product to discover all its effects. By doing so, you ensure that your product will be noticed and visible on the shelf.

Advantages of holographic labels:

• You provide 3D visual and motion effects to your products;

• They are engaging and fun, making them appealing to young children. Moreover, you can integrate them into promotional campaigns encouraging label collection;

• Your product will be easy to spot on the shelf;

• Lenticular labels can be individually delivered for promotions or in a roll, suitable for automatic labelling.

Types of effects you can achieve:

Depth Effect – creates the optical illusion of depth, enhancing the perspective and distance between design elements and the background.

Color Change – through motion, it provides the illusion of color change, capturing attention and adding a dynamic element to the design.

Motion Effect – creates a visual motion effect when moved horizontally or vertically.

Mixed Effects  – combining several effects in a 3D holographic label creates the illusion of movement and different perspectives, resulting in a short, captivating animation.

You have all our support in choosing the right effects for your brand and designing 3D holographic labels.

Holographic labels are easily adaptable and play a key role in capturing consumer attention in a competitive environment. Customisable according to each brand’s requirements and creativity, these labels offer a unique approach to highlighting products at the point of sale.

If you have questions or want to explore the potential of holographic labels, ask for a quote and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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