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Every label we produce has its own story. Therefore, we are constantly integrating new techniques for improving and embellishing labels, with functional, decorative or promotional purposes. We offer various options and customized solutions that will make your product stand out on store shelves. More info

Product overview

Speciality | Rottaprint

Self-adhesive lids for wet wipes

The self-adhesive lid effectively replaces the plastic cover, having a functional role for the hygienic wet wipes packages. The air-tight closure, which does not allow air penetration, withstands a large number of closures and openings due to the recloser adhesive, but also the increased maneuverability that does not allow slight deformation under the action of external forces, successfully recommends it for packages with a large number of wipes. At the same time, the label has sealing elements that certify that the product is unused, an additional guarantee for the consumer. Regarding the printing of the label, it can be customized with the desired design or you can choose the transparent, unprinted version, depending on your product.

Speciality | Rottaprint

Mosaic Technique

If you want each package for your products to be unique and much more attractive to your customers, then we recommend the mosaic technique. This consists in choosing a pattern, from which there are replicated certain areas or pieces of the pattern in the quantity requested, so that no label will be identical to another. The process can be performed only through digital printing, both on self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeve labels. Thus, your product will be immediately noticed on store shelves.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Functional labels

Functional labels are self-adhesive labels that allow repeatedly opening and closing. To ensure that the products are kept in optimum conditions, even if they are no longer sealed, the labels have a very durable and product-friendly adhesive. They are mainly used in the cosmetic and food industry.

For example, in the cosmetic industry, they are used to close packages of wet wipes. In the case of large packs of wet wipes, you will need a proper label that will ensure their long use and allow repeated closures and openings. That’s why, at Rottaprint, we have developed new solutions for highly resistant self-adhesive covers.

In the food industry, functional labels are used in the case of flexible packages that need closure after unsealing, such as coffee packages.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Relief varnish

The relief varnish allows highlighting certain areas on the label surface, rendering a matte or glossy effect. This technique is most commonly used in the manufacturing of labels for wine bottles, offering a unique elegance and embellish their design.

In addition to its aesthetic role, the relief varnish also has a functional role, being applied on labels for containers storing hazardous substances, highlighting specific symbols or rendering the Braille alphabet.

Customized labels | Rottaprint


The embossing procedure reffers to the label’s embellishment by highlighting the design of specific details, creating a special bas-relief effect that suggests the product belongs to a premium range.

Spectacular effect – Embossing can be made on a wide range of special materials, where the effect is more visible and pronounced. For a spectacular result, at Rottaprint we perform this technique by simultaneously applying hot foil stamping.

High impact – The 3D embossing procedure results in various relief heights and offers an exclusive look to any product.

Unique tactile sensation – Creating a memorable product experience for customers, from the first time they get in contact with the product.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint


For a glossy and textured look of the label we recommend glitter, a powder composed of small particles of material, which from different angles has the property to reflect light. Applied in combination with the relief varnish, we obtain a stronger and more visible effect.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Hot foil stamping

The hot foil is a very popular, durable and high-quality material. This technique provides labels with fine details, rendered on textured materials or even on non-absorbent materials such as PE, PP, PVC or PA. It is a highly demanded procedure among Rottaprint customers, presenting several qualitative advantages:

Various color tones – offers a wide range of matte, metallic or holographic colors.

Reproducing the finest details – The hot foil is transferred onto the label surface at high temperatures and pressure. This process is called Hot Stamp and, compared to the cold application, it allows to reproduce the smallest details at a higher quality.

Spectacular and unique effects – Using embossing, inks and relief varnishes, a variety of innovative effects can be created on the surface of the foil, stimulating the creativity of the design team.

Thermochromic ink | Rottaprint

Thermochromic inks

The thermochromic ink is a special ink that can change its color depending on the temperature of the product. Although it has multiple applications, it is widely used in the food industry to signal the optimum consumption temperature, but also in automotive and logistics. Depending on the use of the product, the thermochromic labels may be reversibile and return to their original color, or irreversible, in which case they change color permanently.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Variable data

Variable data is a technique used for customizing each label with a distinct code. Thus, the product will have a unique series, numerical or alphanumeric, which can be printed in a variety of colors. Variable data is a great solution for your product if you need uniqueness, security or distribution control.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Removable labels

The removable labels are the self-adhesive labels that can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive marks. They are most often used in the case of household products, which are labeled with various usage information. This way, the label is easily and aesthetically removed, when the product is used. Also, the removable labels are used for intermediate products such as wood pallets or parquet. In the pharmaceutical industry they are used for multiple applications, from one support to another.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Scratch off ink printing

The scratch off ink is an element we use to produce self-adhesive labels for promotional campaigns. These labels are printed using screen printing technology. The scratch off ink has a high opacity so that the message below it cannot be decrypted. Different texts, codes or images can be printed, both monochrome or polychrome.

Soluții speciale | Rottaprint

Special die-cutting

A great way to complete the graphic concept and attract the attention of the customers is the special die-cutting. This procedure can be made on the outline or by cutting some parts of the label. At Rottaprint, we perform this technique in two ways: classic or laser.

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