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The company’s privacy policy



1. Introduction:

The confidentiality of personal data represents one of the main concerns within SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL. Therefore, we want to ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and transparency regarding the personal data we process in performing our current business.
Since in carrying out our current business it is necessary to process a series of personal data especially in relation to the specific of our main activity – typography – we want to offer assurances that the processing of such data is taking place in compliance with the principles of transparency and security of personal data. This privacy policy is intended to help you understand the type of data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it.
We hope you will have time to read this privacy policy carefully. We have tried to formulate this policy in a plain language, so that to be clear and understandable.

2. The personal data operator that processes your personal data:

The personal data operator that processes the personal data provided by you is the company SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT S.R.L., headquartered in Apahida, 295, Libertatii street , Cluj County, Romania.

3. The categories of personal data we process:

In order to carry out the activity we can collect and process the following categories of personal data:
• Name * (compulsory)
• First name * (compulsory)
• E-mail * (compulsory)
• Phone * (compulsory)
• Address (optional)
• CV (optional – if desired)

4. Scope of data processing:

We use the information we collect from you for the purpose of providing you with our services. Your personal data processing will be done differently depending on the status you have on the site: potential customer or just a visitor to our website.

In case you are a potential customer of SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL, your personal data can be used for the following purposes:

1. The pre-contract administration between you and SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL;

2. In certain situations, we process your personal data as there is a public interest or, as the case may be, under your consent, in case you have expressed one in this regard. At the same time, personal data processing may also occur as a result of observing the legal obligations that have been imposed on us.

3. In order to communicate with you, to constantly inform you in regard to the status of the requested service;

4. For any other purpose subsidiary to the above, or for any other purpose for which we have been provided with your personal data, in compliance with applicable legislation;
In case that you are a visitor to the website:

  • In order to monitor the traffic and improve the experience offered by our website.
  • SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL undertakes to always ask for your consent before using the information for a purpose other than the one set out within this document.

5. To whom we disclose your information:

The information provided by you may be disclosed to other departments within the company. For example: Department of Sales / Marketing / Human Resources.

6. Updating your personal information

In the event the personal information you have provided to us is incorrect or undergoes changes, for example, if you have changed your phone number, name, email address, if you want to delete any request you have sent to us or you are aware that we possess incorrect information about you, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail at gdpr@rottaprint.ro, for updating / modifying these data (unless our company has a legitimate interest to keep this information or a legal obligation).
Provided that the data loss occurs due to the fact that they have been provided incorrectly, incompletely or insufficiently, SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL shall not be liable.

7. Retention period of your personal data:

The personal data processing shall cease depending on the type of the personal data we process, as follows:

  • The personal data we collected for the purpose of your recruitment shall be stored until the date when the position you applied for was filled or for a period of maximum 1 year.

8. Your rights in regard to the personal data processing:

In case you have given your consent in regard to the personal data processing, you may withdraw such consent at any time.

Provided that your consent is withdrawn, SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL shall prohibit the processing of your personal data and shall take all actions to delete all records containing these data.

However, if the personal data processing is compulsory for the purpose of providing the services by SUNIMPROF ROTTAPRINT SRL and this can be carried out under other legal provisions, the company shall proceed to such processing and shall notify you accordingly.

9. In accordance with the legal provisions, you have the following rights:

The right of access – the right to obtain from us, upon request and free of charge, the confirmation that your personal data are or are not processed by the company and the right of access to such data, unless these requests are repetitive or made in bad faith;

Right to information – the right to be informed about the identity of the operator, the purpose of personal data processing, the recipients or categories of personal data recipients, the existence of the rights provided by the GDPR as well as the conditions under which they can be performed;

Right to rectification – you can request the correction of inaccurate personal data;

The right to delete the personal data (“the right to be forgotten”) – you can have the data erased, if their processing has not been done legally or in other cases provided by law;

Right to restriction of personal data processing – you can request the restriction of your personal data processing if you dispute the accuracy of such data, as well as in other cases provided by law;

The right to object – your right to object to the personal data processing, at any time, on legitimate and reasonable grounds, save as otherwise provided by law;

The right to data portability – you may receive, under certain conditions, the personal data you have provided to us, in a format that can be read automatically or you may request that those data to be transmitted to another operator;

The right to file a complaint – you can file a complaint regarding the way your personal data has been processed at the National Supervisory Authority for the Personal Data Processing or you can address the courts.

The right not to be subject to automatic decisions or further profiling related to automatic decisions: the right to request and obtain the withdrawal, cancellation or reassessment of any decision that produces legal effects, being adopted exclusively under your personal data processing, carried out by automatic means, designed to assess some aspects of your personality, such as professional competence, credibility, behavior or other such aspects;

If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, please contact the person responsible for the protection of personal data, using the following contact details: gdpr@rottaprint.ro.

10. Information security:

We are working hard to protect our website and our users from unauthorized access or from alteration, unauthorized disclosure or destruction of the information we possess.

In this regard:

  • We regularly review the practices of collecting, storing and processing the information, including physical ones, as well as security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to systems.
  • We restrict the access of our employees and contractors to your personal information, and the contractual relations with these persons are subject to strict rules regarding the contractual confidentiality obligations.