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Shelf wobbler
The shelf wobbler is a promotional and marketing product specifically designed to capture the customer's attention on the product. Its flexibility makes it move smoothly as shoppers pass by the shelf. More info

Shelf wobbler

Features and use

Shelf wobblers are some of the most effective promotional materials used in retail so far. It’s well known that more than half of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, so a little boost to get customers to focus on your product is welcome. You should be familiar with the features and uses of these products:

• The shelf wobbler, also called flag/stag/dangler, is a hybrid product. It consists of two parts: a half self-adhesive label and a half non-adhesive tag.

• The sticky area is attached to the product (bottle, bag, container, etc.) or to the shelf, and the non-sticky part is the one that stands out and makes the product distinguishable on the shelf.

Shelf wobbler | Rottaprint

Shelf wobbler | Rottaprint

• This type of label is generally used to signal promotions or new products, as well as to give a product an advantage over its competitors on the same shelf.

• Usually the application is done by hand. For automatic application, we recommend testing before deciding on the final solution, as the shape and adhesive-free surface require customized solutions.

• The wobbler shape is very important. As a rule, it is made up of two larger surfaces, one that will be in contact with the product and one that will be free in the air, connected by a narrower portion.

• Typically, shelf wobblers are made of PP or PET because they are strong materials that do not easily deteriorate such as paper.

• Wobblers can have either a matt or glossy appearance.

The advantages of shelf wobbler

Shelf wobblers are perfect for creating effective advertising campaigns. These are the advantages they offer:

• With their help you can signal promotional campaigns without having to change the product design.

• Once the campaign is over, they are easily removed from the product or shelf.

• Shelf wobblers are a cost-effective way to promote a message, new product or promotion.

• You can design an eye-catching wobbler in the right shape and colors to maximize your label design or choose a standard one.

• More consumers will interact with your product, which will increase sales.

• It represents an additional area for branding.Shelf wobbler | Rottaprint

The wobblers, attached to the shelf or product and literally dangling to attract attention, are a great idea for a crowded shelf. We print them for you and ensure the quality, strength and vibrancy of the color.

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