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Tags are non-adhesive labels with applicability in multiple industries. We produce tags in a great variety of premium materials, which makes them easy to use and allows them to be applied directly on the product. More info


Features and uses

Tag labels can be used in multiple industries such as food, agriculture, automotive, construction, transportation or entertainment. At Rottaprint, we can produce non adhesive labels using a variety of materials, from paper to foil, printed on glossy, matte, flat or textured surfaces.

Whatever your request is, our specialists will provide you with the best support to benefit from an exceptional printing quality. Tags are very simple to apply because they do not require heat, solvent, water or adhesive and can be used instead of self-adhesive labels or to signal a promotional campaign directly on the product.

Tags can also be individual products. In this case, they are most often used in the entertainment industry (playing cards or concert tickets), as well as in the transport industry as travel badges or plane tickets.

Non adhesive labels | Rottaprint

Non adhesive labels | Rottaprint

Non adhesive labels – Benefits

Using tags has several benefits, depending on your request.

Maneuverability for concert tickets, non adhesive tags will be delivered in roll, perforated or pre-cut, ensuring easy and fast handling.

Flexibilitythe fact that we can print in several technologies gives us great flexibility in the range of solutions we offer to our customers. For example, we can produce small prints for market testing or, on the contrary, high volumes.

High quality standardsNon adhesive labels can be printed on one or on both sides, scratch-off or printed in spectacular colors, for example fluorescent, metallic or security inks, such as those that become visible only under a specific UV spectrum. Whatever you choose, we guarantee the best quality of the printing.

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