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Rottaprint is the only Romanian manufacturer of PET lids, used for sealing PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene) containers found mainly in the food industry, effectively protecting their contents. More info

PET lids

PET lids – Features and uses

We recommend the use of PET lids due to a series of advantages such as: excellent breaking resistance, uniform removal from the container, the possibility of collecting and recycling them together with the container, as well as the capacity of bidirectional embossing. Being a product made of plastic, it allows the successful use of metal detectors in the packaging system of your products, as an additional method of safety.

Depending on the content of the packaged product, whether we are talking about soup, tea or coffee, as well as many other products, your consumers can use the microwave for heating.

PET lids | Rottaprint

PET lids | Rottaprint

Also, if your product has an acid content (e.g. vinegar, ketchup, dressing, etc.), PET lids are ideal because they will not change their properties due to this type of acidic environment.

PET lids allow heat sealing on both PP and PS containers. Thus, the heat seal temperature is lower than in the case of aluminum foil lids, which reduces electricity consumption.

We also provide you with a multitude of shapes of lids from which you can choose the right one for your product. They can be rectangular or round.

Consumers’ health is our priority

Our purchase, production and delivery flow is built in accordance with the FSSC 22000 standard, comprising the complete scheme of the Food Safety management system, fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Our main care is the health of your consumers.

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