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Logistics is a domain where speed and perfection are key words, and there is no room for error. Labels identified by barcodes, QR codes, or simple unique codes must be read quickly by scanners, without interruption. More info

Unique labels

Labeling is the most simple and effective way to quickly identify a product, to keep a clear record of inventory and to ensure traceability. Labels for this domain do not require special printing procedures, but are important and necessary due to the informational role they play.

Moreover, barcodes can be generated by our specialists or directly by your team.

Whether you want to label packaging, boxes, products, pallets, or shelves, Rottaprint guarantees the printing of unique codes, barcodes or QR codes, at a high quality that will ensure a fast workflow, without errors, by quickly identifying the details you are looking for.

Packaging labels | Rottaprint

Labels packaging can be made of paper or film, with the information written by thermal transfer (with ribbon), as well as directly on thermal paper, depending on the type of the printers which you will use to print the variable data – product name, barcodes, date, batch number, QR codes, addresses, etc. Regardless of the size required, the labels can be made with or without perforation.

Durable labels for special conditions

It is essential that the label is resistant to difficult weather conditions or various storage environments. For this, the Rottaprint specialists develop solutions suitable for each particular request, including when the label must be resistant to excessive humidity, frost or direct sunlight.

Depending on the storage conditions and the durability of the label, Rottaprint offers you the best solution for your needs.

When stored for a long time, the labels may get damaged, discolored or even torn. To avoid all these inconveniences, at Rottaprint we use durable materials and adhesives designed for environments considered difficult, which help protect the information on the label.

Packaging labels | Rottaprint

Regardless of your requirements – pallet or box labels, unprinted or pre-printed labels, courier labels, warning and/or signaling labels, send us a message and we will find the right solution for you.

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