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8 varieties of digitally printed custom labels 13/02/2023

Customized labels by mosaic technique | Rottaprint

Creating unique, limited edition or anniversary custom labels is an effective way to differentiate yourself from the competition. In today’s market, a clever and creative label can help you draw consumers’ attention to your products. 

As the years go by, the average consumer attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Did you know that a third of consumers feel they have less time on their hands compared to 5 years ago?* This is one of the explanations for the 50% increase in personalized packaging in 2022 compared to the previous year**. They help you capture shoppers’ interest in no time.

When you need exceptional quality for a limited print run or beyond, digital printing offers more opportunities. So your product label will be unique, no matter the print volume you produce.

Here you can explore the operational advantages of digital printing and the situations where it is an appropriate option. Below we will focus on custom labels. You’ll learn about the customization opportunities digital printing offers you.

1. Variable images

You can choose several images relevant to your target segment to be displayed alternately on the shelf. This creates an eye-catching message and boosts sales.

Custom labels | Rottaprint

2. Variable texts, listed in random order

Variable text, such as names, words or phrases that consumers identify with, can be printed on the label in random order. In this way, each batch of products will contain a mix of labels. So there will be a mix of messages on the shelf.

Custom labels | Rottaprint

3. Customized labels by mosaic technique

Mosaic involves digitally printing an unlimited number of customized labels. Each one will have a 100% unique design, but will be part of the same graphic register. And the best part is that there is no print run limit.

Not sure if such a technique is suitable for your product? Our specialists will advise and guide you through the process of creating your graphic concept and your printing press.

Custom labels | Rottaprint

Mosaic technique applied to a honeycomb image – each copy is different in size and colour distribution, but part of the same graphic register.

4. Customized labels by collage technique

If you opt for this technique, the first step is to select the basic elements of the collage. Then our algorithm generates exactly the number of variations you need.

This way, each label will be unique, but will fit within the parameters you have defined. By doing this you can control the design elements. In addition, this technique can be used simultaneously with the mosaic technique.

5. Unique labels using numeric or alphanumeric codes

Variable data is an appropriate solution for your product when you need uniqueness, security or distribution control. Depending on certain characteristics that we determine together, we generate the codes ourselves. We can print any sequence of variable data you request. You are spared the trouble of doing this because we know you need valuable time to design your campaign.

You can choose to insert alphanumeric codes for:

• special campaigns or limited editions of the product you want to promote;

• security – this demonstrates that your product is genuine.

Custom labels | Rottaprint

6. Barcode series labels 

This type of custom labels with a series of distinct barcodes are often used in the logistics, food and even automotive sectors. They are ideal for inventory management, invoicing, product tracking or customer relationship management.

We guarantee a high quality code printing that will ensure a fast and error-free workflow.

Custom labels | Rottaprint

7. QR code labels

We help you develop promotional campaigns by generating distinctive QR codes. Engage your customers to interact with your product by offering them unique experiences. You can integrate distinctive messages, images or any other creative ideas that you can think of, depending on the purpose of your campaign.

We will generate and integrate an unlimited number of QR codes into your label design.

Labels with QR code | Rottaprint

8. Unique labels using microtext – anti counter fitting elements

If you want to address the issue of security or, better still, counterfeiting of your product, you can do so with the help of microtext. It is not legible to the naked eye and at first glance looks like a continuous line.

Microtext can only be read with a magnifying glass and cannot be reproduced or copied in any way. So if the text is legible, it means that the product has not been counterfeited. Otherwise, the microtext is impossible to read even with a magnifying glass.

Labels with microtext | Rottaprint

Microtext – can only be read with a magnifying glass which cannot be reproduced or copied.

Custom label printing is a solution that allows you to enhance your brand image. By incorporating text, images and codes, you boost the look of your product and have more ways to address your target segment with personalized messages. This makes it easy for potential customers to notice your product and increases the likelihood that they will choose it.

We are available to advise you on ways to integrate custom solutions through digital printing. Contact us!


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