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We have extensive expertise in multiple printing technologies: flexography, screen and digital. The complex park equipped with state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer you tailor-made solutions for each product range.
Digital printing | Rottaprint


By using the digital printing, we benefit from the advantage of producing labels in a short time, with high print resolution, clear texts and vibrant colors. In addition, it does not require printing clichés, which results in multiple financial and time benefits.
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Flexographic printing | Rottaprint


Flexography is a rotary printing process that uses photopolymer clichés to transfer fluid ink to the print surface. Flexographic printing can be made in two ways: from roll to roll or from roll to sheet, offering the possibility of printing on various materials.
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Screen printing | Rottaprint


If you are looking for an innovative design, screen printing is the perfect technology. Using this procedure, the finest visual details are emphasized and special chromatic and tactile effects are obtained. The ink is transferred using a squeegee across a screen with different densities.
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