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C-WRAP self-adhesive labels
C-Wrap labels are redefining the way products are presented, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional labels. They are applied on three sides of the packaging, providing an effective and secure solution for a premium-looking product. More info

C-WRAP self-adhesive labels

Features and use

The C-Wrap label name comes from the new way of applying labels to all three sides of the packaging, standing out with their distinctive “C” shape. This results in sleek and uniform-looking products on the entire package, whether we’re talking about boxes, trays or irregularly shaped items.

C-Wrap labels are commonly found in the food sector, especially on meat trays, fresh bakery boxes and fruit and vegetable packaging.

The C-Wrap label is a multi-functional solution, replacing both front and back labels. In the case of meat trays packed in a protective atmosphere, it integrates harmoniously and retains the functionality of the top foil, which the C-Wrap label complements.

C-WRAP self adhesive labels | Rottaprint

C-WRAP self adhesive labels | Rottaprint

It adds value by providing generous space for branding and nutritional information.

Compared to conventional cardboard sleeves, C-Wrap labels stand out for their strength and cost-effectiveness, thanks to their ability to be placed evenly and precisely in the right position.

This advantage is complemented by the possibility to choose and store multiple positions in the label applicators memory.

The solution gives users the flexibility to adapt to different packaging requirements, improving safety and handling.

Why choose the C-Wrap labels:

• Because they have a premium look and feel. This is due to the structure of the material specially designed for this application. The packaging will look impeccable on the shelf thanks to the material’s resistance to handling during transport.

• Because they provide plenty of space for branding. It therefore contributes to building a strong brand identity in the eyes of consumers.

• Because you will increase productivity:

    • The material strength allows for higher labelling speeds. This means increased efficiency and optimised production times;
    • Only one label is required instead of two (one on the front and one on the back), significantly increasing yield and reducing costs.

• Thanks to the thermal surface they offer. C-Wrap labels allow for more efficient management of variable data. Printing essential information such as shelf life and weight is made easy.

C-wrap self-adhesive labels | Rottaprint

Technical aspects

C-Wrap labels offer flexibility in the choice of liner type and can be produced on either a traditional paper liner or a PET liner, which adds strength and durability to suit the specific needs of each product.

There is also the option of being made with perforations, which not only facilitates the process of opening the packaging, but also helps to ensure the integrity and safety of the product.

To benefit from the advantages of C-Wrap labels, a dedicated labelling machine is required. Of course, the machine can be designed to integrate seamlessly with the packaging machine. The synchronisation of the two allows precise and efficient application of labels to the packaging, optimising the entire production chain.

Applications of the C-Wrap label:

  1. The label partially covers the top of the package, goes down one side, reaching underneath (top, side, and bottom). This method is the most common application of C-Wrap labels. Using this method of application, the label provides essential information and branding elements.
  2. Covers the top of the tray and goes down the two opposite sides (top and sides). This method can be selected to immediately highlight product specifications or distinctive branding elements.

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