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Simple self-adhesive labels
If the information you need to print on the label is variable, the simple self-adhesive labels are the right solution for you. We offer you a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from according to your needs. More info

Simple self-adhesive labels

Features and uses

Simple self-adhesive labels are those labels rolls that are not printed or are only partially printed by the printing house and can have multiple uses. At Rottaprint, we produce everything from durable labels used in the automotive industry, to price labels or logistics labels.

When to choose simple self-adhesive label rolls

Simple self-adhesive labels are the right solution when the information on the label is variable and requires printing when packing the product. For example, when the batch number, expiration date or the series of a product must be printed.

If you operate in automotive or another industry that produces goods with a long product lifetime, the simple labels are necessary. Depending on the material used for the labels, it can be printed using a thermal or a ribbon printer.

Label rolls – Variety of materials and adhesives

Depending on the printing method and how the label is used, you can choose from a wide range of materials and adhesives. Our consultants are always at your disposal and will recommend the right solution, based on the requirements.

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Label rolls | Rottaprint

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