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Order labels in 7 simple steps
Order labels for customizing your products. Find out how you can order the desired labels and packaging quickly and efficiently. We help you with the perfect solution folded to your needs.

Order your labels or packaging from Rottaprint without wasting time

Now it’s easier than ever to customize your products, and we’re here to create a recipe adapted to your needs. Do you need to order labels or flexible packaging for your products?

These are the steps you need to follow:

order labels | Rottaprint

1. Fill out the order form

When filling out the order form, we recommend you give as much information as possible regarding the desired labels or packaging, such as:

• An editable file

Dimensions and quantity

The type of material that you want your design to be printed on. That is, only if you know it. If not, we will be here to suggest a material that suits the information you give us

• Information about the way your products will be labeled or packed: automatically or manually. If the labeling process is automated, we will call you to discuss more details about it

The shape of the product that needs the labels or packaging you’re ordering

• Details about certain special labeling conditions

• Any kind of finishing that you wish for the label production

• The lifespan of the ordered label

2. Talk to our sales representative

In 24 hours at most, a representative will call you on behalf of Rottaprint to discuss your needs in more detail and to ask for information that might be missing from your initial order, so that we can finalize the perfect recipe for your product and the additional price offer.

3. Get information about the costs of the label production you’ve ordered

5 days from your discussion with our representative, you’ll receive one or more alternatives for the label you’ve ordered, as well as the price offer for each.

4. Choose your desired label design

After receiving and carefully analyzing our labels proposal, choose the one you like most and the one that fits your product best, and then inform us about your final decision. Don’t forget to send the printing design, in case the initial version suffered alterations!

5. Approve the labels for printing

Once we receive the label design that you’ve agreed upon, our Prepress team will process the images and send them back to you, so you can confirm that they are ready to print.

6. Get information about the delivery time of your labels

After receiving the “Ready to Print” notice from you, we will tell you an estimate time for the production of the labels or packaging you’ve ordered, and, at the same time, we’ll initiate the printing process.

7. Receive your order

We will make sure that the ordered labels or packaging will be delivered to you right on time. Or, if the option suits you better, you can pick up your order from our headquarters.

It’s simple, isn’t it?

These being said, we’re looking forward to receiving your order!