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Rottaprint produces a new model of aluminum caps for the food industry 17/12/2019

Rottaprint, the largest flexographic printing company producing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging in Romania, adds a new product category to the portfolio: the rim embossed aluminum caps, thus becoming the first manufacturer in Romania.

Aluminum caps are commonly used in the food industry for packaging dairy products, fish dishes, sweets, and semi-prepared products, and the rim emboss process offers a premium design.

“For us, innovation is first and foremost in our activity. We try every time to take the labeling and packaging industry to another level, in the same position as the outside industries, so that our customers benefit from the latest solutions. We are the first company in Romania to introduce aluminum caps in our product portfolio, and today, we are the only rim emboss manufacturer, a solution that is very much in demand by our customers, “ says Cristi Nechita-Rotta, general manager of Rottaprint.

This year, we invested over half a million euros in the development of new production lines. In addition to rim emboss aluminum caps, we have invested in the production of foil promotional cards and 3D effect labels, but also in the insertion of anti-theft tags.

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Anti-theft labels

RF anti-theft labels can be inserted under any self-adhesive label, without altering the appearance of the packaging, whether the surface is curved or flat. Another advantage of this type of label is that it can be used even on products that require refrigeration or freezing.

In regard to the promotional brochures, they have the advantage of offering a greater interaction between the consumer and the brand, being an effective way to draw attention to an ongoing promotion. At the same time, they are certified to come in contact with food so it’s safe for consumers.

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3D effect labels are self-adhesive labels that allow in their movement, either right-left or up-down, the playback of a preset effect when making the design, with the role of making the product more attractive and visible on the shelf. This type of label has great applicability in the wine industry, in promotional campaigns, especially those designed for children, but also as a security element is impossible to duplicate.