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3 personalised wine labels for CRAMA deMatei 22/06/2023

Personalised wine labels | Rottaprint

Personalised wine labels for 3 exceptional wines launched by CRAMA deMatei. Recently, Prince Matei Vineyards went through a rebranding process. With a new name and three new wine collections: Patima după Matei, Migala and Rosturi, they needed wine labels adapted to the new visual identity. Labels that would put their philosophy in the spotlight.

Which were CRAMA deMatei’s expectations?

Through rebranding, CRAMA deMatei has achieved an image that better reflects the brand’s personality and values. By changing the name, the perception barrier of elitism or inaccessibility was removed and genuine interpersonal relationships were prioritised. In short: human to human, not prince to human.

The high quality wines, in limited editions, are dedicated to the HoReCa market. They are produced without rush, following a maturation and ageing process that lasts over 3 years. The generations-old vines yield small but valuable vintages. All these elements the winery wanted reflected in the new personalised wine labels.

It was important for us to work closely with the winery and its partners. In this way we were able to gain an in-depth understanding of its objectives, values and identity and to offer customised and relevant solutions as part of the rebranding process. This also involved accurate use of colours, fonts and other key graphic elements.

Personalised wine labels | Rottaprint

The concept behind the 3 personalised wine labels

CRAMA deMatei, a boutique winery, focuses on craft wine, on manufacturing. Meticulous attention is given to each stage of the wine-making process, from grape harvest to bottling.

Each wine is an expression of the same concept. Although marked with different symbols, they are part of a unified whole.

Migala label was the first label produced and was created to mark the winery’s 25th anniversary. The Migala 25 label is an anniversary label. The name of the wine is intended to add depth to the brand identity. It signifies the care and attention paid to every detail, as the wines produced under this name are the result of a laborious and methodical process.

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After Migala, the design was also conceived for Rosturi și Rostiri and Patima după Matei. Rosturi (purposes) suggests depth and coherence. Something done with meaning. This name conveys the idea that the wine has a story to tell or a deeper meaning behind it. As for Patima (passion), the name suggests deep dedication and hard work, conveys intensity and evokes strong emotions.

Personalised wine labels | Rottaprint

Personalised wine labels | Rottaprint


How did Rottaprint meet customer expectations

Wine is a comprehensive product. Every aspect can contribute to the way consumers perceive and enjoy it. That’s why it was important for us to deliver the winery’s message as well as possible through the labels. Our specialists’ experience has helped the client achieve the desired result. Personalised wine labels that bring out the story behind them.

Materials and Printing

The label material of the anniversary edition of Migala wine is made of cotton, textured, abrasive, which refers to the earth, the bark and the rough hands of the potter working in the vineyard.

Because we have developed a range of standard materials to meet the needs of our customers, we have been able to supply suitable materials. Our material offering checked off one of the complex label making requirements.

The next challenge thrown into the net was the colour pattern. Our client, CRAMA deMatei, wanted to print light colours on a mass-coloured black material (see Migala label). Afterwards, they wanted to adapt the graphics on a white material with a navy blue background (see label Rosturi). Achieving these requirements is not within the reach of every typography. 

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Finishing techniques

To add sophistication and character for this 3 personalised wine labels, finishing techniques complement and enhance the key design elements.

For example, emboss applied simultaneously with copper foil highlights and illuminates the word MIGALA.  The light on the right hand is naturally illuminated as the light comes through the peasant house window. The left hand is illuminated with candles, the application of the foil particles highlighting this concept.

Visual elements help to build a strong and distinct identity for each individual wine, completing the overall story of the collection. The foil particles on the main design components of each wine label further reinforce how important care and attention (“Migala”), finding meaning (“Rosturi”) and passion (“Patima”) are given to this craft. By mastering every aspect of printing as well as special finishing processes, we ensured that the final product met and even exceeded customer expectations.

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For every label and especially when you create a range of products with a unified concept, Rottaprint supports you in the successful completion of your project. Because we know how important it is to communicate consistently with your consumers. The label must properly reflect the brand, values and quality of the product. We know this because we’ve been printing labels for over 32 years. And making it an art.

Request a quote for printing your personalised wine labels and we will find the right solution for you.