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Triterra custom wine label: a success story 01/08/2022

Rottaprint, in a close collaboration with brand & visual identity designer TD Studio and the Triterra Winery, created a series of custom wine labels. Labels that showcase the special provenance of the products. The end result speaks for itself and we are delighted to have been part of the process.

Custom wine label | Rottaprint

What were Triterra Winery’s expectations?

The custom wine label created for Triterra has a premium look and feel. Is designed to really tell the story of the wine’s origins and establish an emotional connection with its consumers.

Graphic designer Sorin Tîrt used his domain expertise to find an interesting way to create three wine labels with different designs. At the same time he made sure that all the labels in the entire range were consistent.

The Triterra brand products are aimed primarily for the HoReCa market, so they are sold mainly in the company’s own hotels and restaurants. However, they are of course also sold in other restaurants, bars and specialised shops.

Wine labels | Rottaprint

Custom wine label | Rottaprint

How did the concept of the label originate?

The wine brand derives its name from the particular geographical area on which the winery’s vineyards are situated. The Halmeu hills combine the cultural customs of 3 distinct regions, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.

The origin of the products is of particular importance to the wine producer. That’s why, through the label, he wanted to highlight the defining element: the soil. The inspiration for the Triterra brand is rooted in the landscape shaped by the action of ancient volcanoes, the hills being formed by layers of volcanic rock.

The idea of ​​the name “Triterra” came to me due to the fact that from the vineyard, which is on the territory of Romania, you can see both Hungary and Ukraine, so this place is at the intersection of the three countries. The Trittera logo graphically suggests the same idea of the intersection of three ‘lands’. The gap between the 12 lines is also suggesting the letter ‘T’. Another important feature of the site or vineyard, is that it sits on a tongue of volcanic rock soil that comes from Hungary and enters Romania in the Halmeu area. The volcanic rock gives the grapes and the wine some special characteristics, which is why we chose the three different stones for the label concept.” Sorin Tîrt confesses.

Embellishment wine labels| Rottaprint

How did Rottaprint meet the complex requirements for this custom wine label?

We were involved from the very beginning of the label design stages. Most important, we worked closely with the brand identity and design specialist. The goal was to recommend the most appropriate methods of printing, finishing and the materials that would best bring into focus the Triterra wines’ story. We had a clear objective from the client as to how they wanted the custom labels to look both visually and in touch. So,  Rottaprint’s experts found the ideal solutions.

Unique labels | Rottaprint

The label is printed with great attention to detail using two printing technologies: digital and serigraphy. By combining different finishing techniques such as selective folio and selective gloss varnishing, it was possible to translate the design concept into life. The central element of the label is the word Triterra. And it stands out thanks to the combination of foil and emboss. The application of the folio together with the deformation of the material resulted in the embossing of the surfaces on which the folio is applied. As a result, this technique provided a tactile, complex texture and a natural pattern.

Rottaprint helped us again with very detailed guidance. One example would be breaking down the representation of the three rocks on the labels into distinct planes of different colours and textures. This way, all the elements combined together manage to create a whole with an expressive and unique texture for each label: white, pink and red. The finished product looks stunning. The labels convey exactly the distinctive look and feel sought.” says Sorin Tîrt.

Labels for wine bottle | Rottaprint

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Client: Tarr Winery

Wine Label Designer: TD Studio

Printer: Rottaprint