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5 creative wine bottle label designs 05/07/2022

Creativity is the key ingredient when it comes to creating wine bottle labels. When we first see a bottle of wine, almost all the information we have about it is on the label.  Aside from specifications such as name, brand, variety and alcohol percentage, the wine bottle label should reflect the mood, feel and personality of a wine.

For a wine novice, the label is usually the deciding factor when it comes to deciding on a bottle. For example, for someone who needs to give it as a gift, it is more likely to choose a bottle that looks sophisticated and expensive.

Here are 5 creative wine bottle label designs that were produced by Rottaprint:

Martha – an elegant and sophisticated wine label

wine bottle label | Rottaprint

In the case of Martha’s wine bottle label, we managed to successfully combine digital printing with finishing techniques on a dedicated wine fabric. The label showcases the interplay between the folio, the embossing of the letters and a tactile velvet-like varnish.

All these techniques make the Martha wine bottle label elegant and sophisticated. Our specialists, using the available high-performance technology, have succeeded in satisfying the customer’s demanding requirements.

Issa Charm – a bottle of wine making a statement

creative labels | Rottaprint

Client demands: simplicity, contrasts, sparkle – like the sparkling wine it represents. Through perfect collaboration between all the teams involved, we achieved a label that perfectly matches the shape of the bottle and catches everyone’s eye.

The copper + black combination is an unmistakable symbol of luxury. We have chosen a very resistant material, specially designed for wine bottles, with a pearly finish. The copper coloured foil, applied flawlessly to the large, embossed letters, but also to the fine elements and thin lines, enhances the product’s image, matching its top quality.

Poarta Sufletului – the sustainable wine label

custom wine label | Rottaprint

In 2021, the Sântu winery worked on creating a new visual identity. The premium wines gathered under the brand entitled “Poarta Sufletului” received a label with a lot of personality. The design is simple, natural but at the same time elegant and refined. This look is mostly due to the sustainable material. It has a 30% recycled fiber content and fits perfectly with the intended image.

In addition to the special material selected, this look has also been achieved by using several special solutions: the variable data – customisation of each bottle with a distinct code and highlighting the label’s most significant details with hot foil stamping.

Riviera – original and unique wine bottle label

unique labels | Rottaprint

The Riviera brand from the Rasova winery has opted for the mosaic technique and the digital technology to print a special label: colorful, with a unique design for each individual bottle and with a lot of character … just like the wine it represents.

A complex and colorful pattern is transformed with digital technology into a multitude of original labels. These playful shapes have a youthful and modern look.

Mysterium – the labyrinth label

wine label | Rottaprint

The design of Jidvei’s Mysterium wines has won multiple awards. The mysterious label tells the whole story just after nightfall. How did we achieve this effect? We used a special ink, visible only in the UV spectrum.

This bold and catchy label came to life thanks to a mix of embellishments. The fabric used is specifically produced for wines and treated against wrinkling in humid conditions. Being dyed solid black, it makes a good contrast with the hot stamped gold foil. The embossing on the wine’s name, but also on the labyrinth drawn across the entire surface of the label, is accentuated by the use of the micro embossed foil, also providing a tactile experience. By combining the two colors, black and gold, a dark and elegant design is achieved, perfect for an exclusive event.

Original wine bottle labels that not only stand out on shop shelves but also make you want to pick them up, are achieved through a close collaboration between all the parties involved. The winery, the designer and the printer must work together to successfully tell the brand’s story while staying within a budget.

How do you envision your wine label? Minimalist? Extravagant? Traditional? Rottaprint can bring it to life exactly that way! You just need to get in touch with us.