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Offset printing offers impeccable quality and very good coverage. Our specialists recommend it for special materials, ensuring excellent printing. More info

Features and uses

Offset printing is a technique that uses a aluminum plate to transfer the image to an intermediate rubber cylinder and then onto the printed surface. The very viscous ink, like a paste, is specific for this technology. As this type of ink has a very good coverage, offset printing guarantees an impeccable print quality on a wide variety of materials, both absorbent and non-absorbent.

The advantages of offset printing

Along with flexographic printing, offset is one of the most requested printing techniques due to its advantages.

Top quality high-resolution

Do you need high volumes, top-quality labels and excellent results? In this case, offset printing is the right choice for your product. Due to the ink’s density, the colors are fuller and more vibrant.

The perfect choice for special materials

Textured materials always give an elegant look to the products. At the same time, their printing requires special attention. Offset printing is the most suitable choice for such materials, due to the ink and its very good coverage.

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