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Flexography is a rotary printing process that uses photopolymer clichés to transfer fluid ink to the print surface. Flexographic printing can be made in two ways: from roll to roll or from roll to sheet, offering the possibility of printing on various materials. More info

Features and uses

Flexography is a rotary printing technology, which offers the possibility of printing on a wide variety of materials such as: self-adhesive labels, shrink-sleeves, aluminum foil lids, metallic paper packages, ice cream paper cones, flexible packaging, tags and many more.

The advantages of flexographic printing

A great variety of absorbent and non-absorbent materials can be printed using flexographic technology;

High flexibility;

By using a single cliché, millions of prints can be made;

Provides high productivity due to high printing speeds;

Ensures high quality printing due to high-resolution color selections;

Allows working with special inks: fluorescent, metallic or even invisible, as well as finishing procedures such as: laminating or cold foil stamping;

Offers the possibility of producing high volumes in a very short time.

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