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Food absorbent pads
In the Rottaprint product portfolio you will find food absorbent pads with high absorption capacity. They are applied inside the casseroles to absorb any liquids left by the packaged products, thus extending their shelf life. More info

Food absorbent pads

Features and uses

The food absorbent pads are applied inside the casseroles, before inserting the product and sealing it with the stretch foil. They are most often used for meat-refrigerated products or those with a higher water content. Due to the superabsorbent fibers they have in the composition, they provide a perfect drainage of the fluids released by the food, as well as a high absorption capacity. Food absorbent pads are available in different sizes, cut according to the shape of the casserole, and also in various degrees of absorption.


The conical holes in the food absorbent pads guarantee the rapid absorption of the fluids generated by the packaged products, which provides a series of benefits, improving their appearance and maintaining the freshness of the food for a longer time.

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