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Creativity plays a primary role in the wine & spirits market. We are convinced that the art of production consists both in the complexity of the special materials we use, as well as in finding the suitable methods of embellishment for each label. More info

Methods and special materials

Our consultants will recommend those special methods of embellishment by which you can illustrate the story of your brand: hot and cold foil stamping, textured varnish, relief varnish, simple or 3D embossing, debossing, glitter, or the use of thermochromic inks, with UV or fluorescent visibility. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of premium materials, specially created for wine bottles. These provide water resistance and keep the label impeccable, even after the bottle has been stored in the ice bucket or refrigerator.

The best solution for your product

When we recommend a solution for your self-adhesive label, we take into consideration if the labeling is done under condensation and the speed of the labeling machine.

These will influence the type of the label material, as well as the type of liner. Because our priority is to have an impeccable product on the store shelves, it’s necessary to know the way bottles are packed and transported.

We put quality first

We know how unpleasant it is to serve a wine with a wrinkled label. To completely avoid these situations, we provide special solutions that guarantee an impeccable wine label under condensation, humidity or difficult transport.

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We strongly believe that a high-quality label adds value to your product, and your customers will enjoy a memorable experience.

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