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The labels and packaging we produced in 2018 can surround the Earth 3 times 06/12/2019

Are you curious how Romania labeled looks like? Let’s talk in numbers!

In 2018, we had the pleasure of adding approximately 126 million printed linear meters. In other words, for 10,800 tons of finished material delivered, we used over 106,700 kg of ink. As for the colors, we used on average five colors for each label.

“By measuring the output from our factory gate in 2018, we could cross the Earth at least three times, through the 126 million linear meters printed” Cristi Nechita-Rotta, Rottaprint General Manager.

What were the main labeling trends in 2018?

The year 2018 was marked by some trends in the labeling industry. We found a reduction in the use of bullet-type forms to announce promotions, which until now were inserted in the self-adhesive label, in favor of the irregular forms of the label to suggest this.

In the food industry, partner brands have increasingly opted to use folio in different colors such as gold, brick or pink, to the detriment of one color in the Pantone spectrum.

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Recently, it has begun to gain ground in the food industry the preference for “no label look” – printing the label on a transparent foil, preferred so far, especially by customers in the cosmetics industry.

Also, the massively colored silver sticker was a material increasingly demanded by our customers, especially for the production of labels and packaging for food supplements, honey, sausages, cosmetics or wines.

The use of self-adhesive labels on recyclable media has been on an upward trend and last year, the PET liner is an increasingly requested material in Romania, in the context of the increased concern of the companies towards the environment. This support increases the productivity of the labeling process, the PET liner being thinner and more durable compared to silicone paper.