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Rottaprint supports its partners to act responsibly towards the environment 21/05/2020

Any company with a long history or just at the beginning of the road understands that doing business without worrying about sustainability is no longer a plausible option. Protecting the environment becomes everyone’s responsibility, so it is part of every company’s growth and success strategy.

Blog | RottaprintAccording to the 2015 Cone Communications / Ebiquity Global study on environmental protection:

91% of global consumers expect brands to act responsibly towards the environment

89% of consumers would rather buy a product made socially and environmentally sustainable

90% would choose a socially and environmentally responsible brand, under the same conditions of price and quality.

At Rottaprint we have introduced a new recyclable label support material. Choosing the new PET liner will bring you the following advantages:

• You will be environmentally sustainable

• You will increase the productivity of your labeling process, whilst the liner is thinner and stronger than silicone paper

• You will reduce your waste disposal costs.

Blog | Rottaprint

Technical advantages of PET liner:

Recycling PET liner is less expensive compared to silicone paper liner.

The automatic labeling process will no longer be interrupted:

• the roll will be changed less often – label rolls made on PET support have 25% more labels at the same outer diameter of the roll

• the risk of breaking the support material decreases considerably – the PET liner is more resistant.

Blog | Rottaprint

The speed of the labeling machine can be increased even in environments considered difficult, with humidity or special temperature environments.

The space required for transporting and storing label rolls decreases by at least 10%, as the material is much thinner.

Self-adhesive labels have a smooth release because the PET liner allows a uniform application of the silicone layer.

Labels made of transparent material have a lower opacity because the compact surface of the PET liner compared to the classic liner determines a uniform application of silicone and adhesive.

Any economic activity whose impact on the environment is significant, requires clear coordination, aimed at preventing, reducing or eliminating pollution. Rottaprint prioritizes its activities and working methods so that these aspects are respected.

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