Acasă Blog Partnership for the action “Kaizen brilliance for the cities of Romania – 5S Public”

Partnership for the action “Kaizen brilliance for the cities of Romania – 5S Public” 06/12/2019

The 5S Public action that took place in the “Romulus Vuia” National Ethnographic Park in Cluj-Napoca, on May 24, 2019 represents an initiative within the project “Kaizen brilliance for the cities of Romania – 5S Public” and this year it was held in a festive historical moment on the celebration of the centenary of the Romanian National College “George Coșbuc” foundation.

The “change for the better” is done anywhere and anytime by anyone, so when the event concluded, it brought together 431 volunteers, becoming one of the biggest 5S PUBLIC events in Romania.

Japanese “5S” Management Method

Using the Japanese “5S” management methods, these events have as their central topic the development of education through cleanliness. Started in 2011, as an initiative of the Kaizen Romania Institute and the KAIZEN Manager Club Association, this action resulted in a complex event of applying the KAIZEN ™ methods for improving the social relations at the city level, bringing together partners from the private environment, public administration, media, students, and ONGs.

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The event gathered an impressive number of volunteers, from teachers, students, parents and administrative staff from the National College “George Coşbuc”, who were joined by representatives of KAIZEN® Romania Institute, AOTS Turkey, Educational District Bayrakli and KAIZEN® Manager Club (Electroalfa, IPEC, Marquardt, Solina, Hirschmann Automotive). In addition, representatives of the administrative environment (Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Sibiu City Hall), representatives of the business environment (NTT Data, Essity, Carrefour, Quassar Group), representatives of the educational environment (Babeș-Bolyai University) met. , “Iuliu Haţieganu” High School, National Pedagogical College “Gheorghe Lazăr”, School of Police Agents “Septimiu Mureşan” Cluj Napoca), non-governmental organizations (Romanian Researchers from the Cluj-Napoca Local Center) and mass-media (Romanian Television and Radio Romania Cluj-Napoca).

Clean Up Association from Japan

In addition, we had the honor of being supported by representatives of the Clean Up Japan Association, made up of Japanese businessmen, who volunteer to support education through cleanliness around the world. Every year, starting with 2013, by supporting them, we urge us to continue this initiative and to create a model of attitude and culture in which other generations will develop.

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Also, the warmth and the greetings received by the Japanese delegation provided again the opportunity to strengthen the collaborative relationship between the educational environment in Cluj-Napoca and Japan.

On this occasion, we congratulate the teachers and students involved in shaping the artistic moments and forming a special impression on our country and the Romanian educational environment.

“Romulus Vuia” National Ethnographic Park

Together we brought ‘brilliance’ to 7 locations within the “Romulus Vuia” National Ethnographic Park in Cluj-Napoca. Organized by teams from different environments we cleaned two bathrooms, painted the banks in the inner courtyard of the park, cleaned four gutters and selectively collected waste in five fractions (plastic, glass, paper, metal, biodegradable / non-recyclable waste), from the forest Hoia.

The entire action offered new development opportunities to all the volunteers involved. Children and adolescents represent the future, so it is important to show them the beauty they possess and the ways in which they can bring this beauty to the environments around them. We want to grow beautifully, enjoy life and develop continuously knowing that each of us has the support of a strong, united and enthusiastic team.

Interactive workshops

After the completion of the activities, all the volunteers were invited to participate in the workshops organized in the park, among which we mention the Japanese printing workshop, organized by our company and the workshop “Cosbuc Passport”.

The atmosphere was jovial, with feelings of spring and new beginnings. In a period of heavy rain, the action took place in a perfect setting illuminated by the sun and the warmth of the volunteers. It was only after the end of the activities when the rains started again, a sign that nature also took care of us to finish the work. We thank, in this way, our hosts of the Ethnographic Museum “Romulus Vuia”, who opened their gates, in order for us to discover a national heritage and a unique tourist objective!

Goodbye, until next year!

This wonderful experience showed us the benefits of combining Romanian and Eastern wisdom, so that, together with the right people and in the right place, we managed to understand the meaning of the following words: “If you want to make your plans for a year, grow rice; if you make plans for 10 years, then plant trees; if you make plans for a life, educate people.”
We consider that these actions are a wonderful and efficient way of the harmonious development of young people and contribute to the promotion of volunteering in Cluj-Napoca and the civic spirit, which is why we want to become current and consistent practice.

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With the hope and confidence that this experience has been as rich and beautiful for the other participants, we count on your support in promoting the action and by expanding the practice and attracting new participants to future actions, so that we become a Living Example for the other institutions in Cluj Napoca and in the country.

Only together can we make our home a safe, healthy and welcoming place!

“The act of cleaning highlights the best in people.” – Mr. Yoshihito Tanaka, President of Clean Up Japan.

With love,

Team Rottaprint.