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Rottaprint, a Printing House with DPG Certification in Romania 31/07/2023

The Rottaprint typography has obtained the DPG certification in September 2022.

Printing House with DPG Certification in Romania | Rottaprint

What the DPG certification means?

DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) certification represents a system for deposit and return of plastic packaging in Germany, aiming to encourage recycling and waste reduction for beverage containers.

How does the DPG system work?

The German Packaging Act, adopted in 2019*, requires that a deposit of at least €0.25 is applied to disposable drinks packaging. This charge is borne by the producers and is included in the final price of the products.

The DPG system was established to address this issue, providing consumers with a refund of 0.25 euros for each recycled container.

Plastic beverage containers, filled once by the manufacturer, can be returned and recycled throughout Germany. After return, they are transformed into new single-use beverage packages1. In this way, the DPG system contributes to the circular economy by promoting recycling and reuse of packaging.

Printing House with DPG Certification in Romania | Rottaprint

DPG Marking – Mandatory for participation in the system

Labels and packaging of single use plastic beverage containers with the DPG marking are exclusively intended for distribution to end consumers in Germany. And the benefits of the marking are only usefully realized within the German one-way storage system coordinated by DPG.

Producers and importers of beverages participating in the DPG system must label beverage packaging with the mandatory deposit according to DPG specifications. This is the only way they can be recognized and successfully integrated into the system. As such, the use of the DPG logo becomes mandatory for selling beverage packaging with a deposit on the German market. A system that has been proven over many years to support the circular economy.

Printing of the DPG logo by Rottaprint

The printing of the DPG logo, vertically placed on the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), with a special DPG ink on the label, is exclusively reserved for printers specialised in the production of labels and flexible packaging.2

Rottaprint has a DPG certification and is therefore authorised to print the DPG logo on labels and flexible packaging in strict compliance with the requirements of the DPG scheme. We make sure that the positioning and size meet the appropriate standards. The accuracy of printing the DPG logo plays a central role in this process, ensuring that end consumers face no difficulties when returning containers to Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs).

Printing of the DPG logo by Rottaprint | Rottaprint

Fields covered by the DPG system

The DPG labels are applied to the beverage and food segments and are exclusively intended for the returnable packaging market. The main customers for which DPG labels are produced are beverage manufacturers in Germany.

Beverages covered by the deposit and return system:

  • Water and carbonated/non-carbonated beverages (mineral water, lemonade, juices, milk substitutes)
  • Dairy beverages** (milk and derivatives such as yogurt, kefir)
  • Fruit/vegetable beverages
  • Dietary beverages
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, sparkling wine, etc.)
  • Mixed alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages

The necessary condition is that beverages must be filled in single-use plastic containers with a volume between 0.1 and 3.0 liters.

**Note: From 1 January 2024, dairy drinks filled in disposable plastic bottles will also be subject to mandatory deposit, extending the application of the PGD scheme and contributing to a sustainable circular economy3

We are delighted that through this DPG certification, we have joined the recycling initiative, which not only promotes the circular economy and environmental protection but also allows us to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability. How? By innovating and providing solutions that contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

Printing of the DPG logo by Rottaprint | Rottaprint

∗ https://dpg-pfandsystem.de/index.php/en/the-one-way-deposit-system/the-dpg-deposit-process.html