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More than a team – The Rottaprint family picnic (Video) 06/12/2019

The picnic goes beyond the barriers of a fun day spent with colleagues and partners and reaches a level where it benefits the team bonding, understanding the company and the progress made over time, as a true collective.
Every year we meet the same friends and colleagues and we wonder each time how great and wonderful their children turned up to be. We see in their eyes the same enthusiasm as at the first meeting, but each time, they have even higher expectations. 

First hours at the Picnic day

This motivates us, we strive every year to surprise them and bring their smiles to their lips. We showed up on the spot, planning to decorate the courtyard in Apahida in a way that would make anyone smile. We thought that a relaxation area is welcomed on a hot summer day. We started the party with a barbecue, music, and dance, but also many surprises meant to remind us that work brings joy and satisfaction.

We are also preparing some workshops for the little ones, drawing them into the grit of the manual work that has the gift of impregnating you with some extraordinary creative skills. We also set up some castles (inflatable slides) where you can jump to the sky. We warm up with a few games and remember that we have to smile often because we have enough reasons to be grateful. This year, we are all into Zumba as both moms and dads frantically engage on the dance floor that they share with their children.

Team missions

Everyone has to carry out creative team missions or be part of some adrenaline-fueled but slightly sporty activities. Music, food and sweet surprises are some material things that have contributed to the overall well-being. The real joy, however, was brought about by the friendly relations that were welded for another year and the priceless moments spent with the loved ones.
This outdoor event goes hand in hand with the energy and synergy of our team.

Children dedicated areas

Among the areas dedicated to children, we find the staircase, volleyball, football, basketball, mini-golf, darts, bowls and games of childhood such as hopscotch, elastic, asphalt drawings, even the well-known ducks and hunters game.

The animated programs made it possible for the little ones to meet with the cartoons they love – favorite Disney pets. That didn’t stop us from giving life to a balloon modeling, painting workshop and tattoo corner where the little ones spent most of their time.

Now, the carefree adults, while their little ones are having a great time, will have a unique program throughout the day with performances on stage: Marian Predescu, Mircea Baniciu & Band and not least, the famous karaoke. We do not end the day without the awards for the winning teams of all the championships, especially the cooking of magic pancakes.

Until next year…

The physical memories will remain printed on the photo booth machine and will probably be available on everyone’s refrigerators, at home.

This day brought a personal reward to all employees and their families. It was one of those days when you can see hundreds of smiles and applause, which we can dedicate to their merits for a well-done job.

We hope you will be inspired by what came out of this day and we invite you to spend more time with your loved ones.



Team Rottaprint