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Befriend Nature | Rottaprint
Welcome to the page created out of friendship for nature!
First of all, we are glad that you share our concern for the environment and support us in our commitment to contribute to the health of nature.

Befriend Nature | Rottaprint

We fully understand the impact that everyone’s actions have on the environment, which is why everything we do is driven by responsibility and innovation.

Efficient labelling and packaging, circularity and waste management are the principles we rely on to reduce our environmental footprint.

Befriend Nature | Rottaprint

And at the same time, we do our best to develop new solutions that are environmentally friendly while fully meeting the needs and expectations of our partners.

Eco-friendly labels

All these solutions have a minimal impact on the environment, the materials used can be recycled and/or post-industrialised and the energy consumption can be reduced by around 10%.

In addition to these actions that we implement at company level, wherever we are, we do small gestures every day, helping nature to achieve a state of well-being.

Eco-friendly actions

That being said, we hope you will continue to stay with us on this path of responsibility towards nature. Although it may seem like a large and difficult process to grasp, each small gesture made daily and in good faith will make a difference.

We are convinced of this. What about you? 🙂